Durban Region consists of five countries: South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia. The majority of our work in Durban Region is presently focused in South Africa.

Orange Farm

Ananda Marga bought a property in the area called Orange Farm in 1990 which is located 30 km south of Soweto in the Vaal Triangle, Gauteng Province. Now the area is home to 700,000 residents. For many years our service projects have been assisting the local community and have grown up together with them.

Actually Orange Farm in Ananda Marga terminology is a 17-acre Master Unit known as Ananda Jayanti that also includes an MG Quarter called Madhu Giitika. Two Dadas are managing the multi-various activities of Ananda Jayanti which include the following:

Primary School from Grades 1-6 for 1300 children
Primary Health Care Clinic which serves 50 outpatients daily
HIV/AIDS Outreach Services consisting of 38 community health care providers who visit nearby residents to counsel and offer basic medical care for 140 HIV carriers
IT Centre which is an extension of the Primary School that opened in 2004 and whose 160 computer units provide IT training to our primary schoolers
Tree Seedling Nursery that provides tree seedlings to hundreds of school and companies in Gauteng Province of Central South Africa. The nursery began in 1999 and now has over 1 million trees

Lenasia South Prachar Activities

Didi Ananda Subuddhi has been doing Prachar activities amongst sisters since 2004 in Lenasia South, near Johannesburg as well as undertaking many short-term service works for the indigenous section of the community.

Senior Margiis in Lenasia continue with weekly Dharmacakra activities which began back in 1984. A few Margiis are situated in Cape Town, Newcastle, Pietermaritzburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth as well.


Dada Keshaveshvarananda manages the Yoga/Meditation Centre in Durban on the Indian Ocean Coast, which was built by workers and Margiis in 1997 in preparation for the visit of the then-Purodha Pramukha Dada Shraddhanandaji. Dada has initiated a “Yogi Guides” program for primary school students in Richmond, Kwa-Zulu.