Nairobi Sector is the name given by Baba to describe all of the 48 countries that are found below the Sahara Desert, i.e. sub-Sahara Africa. Ananda Marga began its work in Nairobi Sector in 1966 when the first Acharya (Atmananda) was posted outside of India.

The Sectorial Headquarter of Ananda Marga was started in Nairobi, Kenya in 1979. Prior to that Sectorial Office operated in Accra, Ghana from 1974-1979.

Although Baba never visited Nairobi Sector all workers and margiis felt and still feel His Benevolent Guidance and Grace as they work together to build a strong and progressive human socety.

Currently Ananda Marga has social service projects in 14 countries and Margiis and Yoga Centres in several others. There are 31 WT’s posted in different parts of Nairobi Sector. In some countries like Kenya we have many projects and few Margiis. In other countries like Congo we have many Margiis and few projects.

But all over the African continent one can feel the dynamicity, enthusiasm and universal spirit that permeates this sublime Continent blessed with immense natural resources and an energetic, youthful people keen to make their valuable contribution to global consciousness.